Telephone Etiquette for Making Calls

Telephone Etiquette: Good Practices for Making Telephone Calls

Telephone Etiquette for Making Calls

Telephonic communication continues to be the most convenient way of making a conversation for most of us even though the technology has advanced over the years, making a way for e-mails and chats.

However, following proper telephone etiquette is an important facet of communication since you not only represent yourself but also the organisation that you are associated with. Moreover, displaying proper telephone etiquette leaves your respondents with a favourable impression of you, your organisation. 

There are certain barriers that come in the way when we are making a telephonic conversation. The following suggestions are helpful for making your phone conversations more effective:

Points to be Kept in Mind while MAKING CALLS:

  • Keep a personal telephone directory ready
  • Get all the material like pen, notebook, notes ready before you make a call
  • Mention your own name and the name of the person you are calling
  • It is very bad to keep somebody on line while you rummage through files
  • If you are making call for somebody else, follow his instructions
  • If you wish to leave a message, make this clear to the listener
  • Let your message be clear and accurate. If it is important, you may repeat it
  • In case you reach a wrong number, do not argue with the person who receives the call. It is better excuse and hang up