Top Valentine's Day Words, Phrases and Idioms

A word list of Valentine's Day words, phrases and idioms

Top Valentine's Day Words, Phrases and Idioms

Valentine’s Day English

Here is the list of most frequently used words, phrases and idoms on the Valentine's Day:


Honey, Dear, Baby, Darling, Babe, Sweetie, Sweetie-pie, Love, Sweetheart, Angel, Beau, Beloved, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Crush, Courtship, Hug, Kiss, Like, Rose, Tulip, Romance, Romantic


Check somebody (sb) out- Look at sb & decide if you like them

Ask sb out – Ask sb to go on a date with you

Fall for sb – Fall in love with somebody

Break up – End a relationship with somebody


Love at first sight –Instant love the first time people meet

Tie the knot – Marry somebody

Fall head over heels in love- Fall completely in love

Be made for each other- perfect match

Be on the rocks- Relationship is likely to fail