What is a Group Discussion?

The ability to take effective part in a group discussion is one of the most important skills that contributes to professional success

What is a Group Discussion?

The term Group Discussion, commonly spoken as GD, is used to refer to a situation where a small number of people meet face-to-face, exchange information, opinions, ideas, etc. and attempt to reach a decision or conclusion through oral interaction.

It is basically an interactive oral process. Here, the exchange of ideas takes place through oral communication. Each member of the group listens to other members’ opinions and presents his/her own view orally.

We often discuss many social, political and economic issues informally at a college canteen, a restaurant, a bus stop, a tea/coffee shop, a beetle shop, a recreation club or even at our home.

The formal discussion can take place at an office, at a meeting place, at a conference hall, at a workshop or at a recruitment office.

What is a Group Discussion?

Literally, the group discussion can mean ‘to discuss or to talk about a subject in detail with members of a group.’ Here, the members of the group express their views/opinions to other participants in a systematic oral communication with a view to develop better perspective on key issues.

In a nutshell, group discussion is a systematic and purposeful interactive oral process.