Test comm skills

Test comm skills

Test comm skills

Why Study Communication?

To begin with, we want to make the right impression on others, to get the information we need, to handle difficult situations and people effectively, to get our message through.

The way we think about human

communication is important. Our view of communication influences the way we think about ourselves, and the way we think about and relate to others.

Interestingly, there is no ‘never-fail’ formula of communication. If this would have been, we should not have to spend time thinking about the communication and we would have simply consulted a list of ‘dos & don’ts’.

A simple review of communication situations with which each of us has dealt in the last twenty-four hours will show why a broad-based understanding of communication is needed for effectively sending and receiving messages.

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Communication as Vital to Life as Oxygen

Communication is as vital to life as oxygen. Like the circulatory system that supports an organism, the communication system supports the needs of society. It is necessary to each individual for physical safety, mental development, and emotional well-being. In all of nature, where there is life, there is communication.

Human Being Communicate Instructively

From birth, a baby’s mental development is measured primarily by its ability to communicate. Its cries relay messages of discomfort, pain, hunger, constriction, fear, and excessive heat or cold, thus protecting its life. Very soon the child becomes a social being and begins to receive messages from other people, interpreting body contact, facial expressions and voice tones and responding with gurgles and coos to indicate pleasure.

As need and desires become more sophisticated, the child finds it necessary to use language to get what it wants and to convey its ideas. From that point on, the language and thought processes of an individual are so intertwined that they cannot be studied separately. The ability to think can be indicated only by the ability to use language and vice-versa. In most human beings, the quality of though depends upon the quality of language and the individual’s success depends on the ability to use language.

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