Top Six Evaluation Criteria for Group Discussion

Group discussion has emerged as a very powerful tool for evaluating personality traits of candidates for job selection or admission process

Top Six Evaluation Criteria for Group Discussion

The representatives of the employer or organisation sit through the group discussion and observe the group performance. The evaluation criteria for Group Discussion mostly focus on the candidate’s personality traits and intellectual ability, creativity, qualities of leadership, tolerance and group behaviour. In the process, they will also note the clarity of thought and felicity of expression.

The following personality traits are accepted as the top six most common selection criteria:


It includes smartness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, attitude and confidence.

Communication Skills:

It includes interpersonal skills, body language, and aggressive/assertive communication. Besides listening, the evaluators also observe your ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, build on other’s points, sum up the discussion made by the entire group.


It includes your knowledge about the subject matter, its relevance to the discussion and depth. The evaluators will also test your ability to create logical arguments on the basis of that knowledge.


It includes giving direction to the group in terms of content.

Analytical Skills:

It includes thinking logically and rationally.

Persuasion Skills:

It includes ability to convince other participants without being aggressive.