Top Strategy for Successful Group Discussion

Group discussion has emerged as a very powerful tool for evaluating personality traits of candidates for job selection or admission process

Top Strategy for Successful Group Discussion

The Group Discussion presently occupies a major place in the employment procedure in organisations, public limited companies and multi-national companies.

The main objective is to evaluate a candidate’s depth and range of knowledge, his/her ability to orally present that knowledge in a convincing manner and his/her group management, leadership and team management skills.

A candidate is required to work on the following areas to enhance his/her chances of getting through this very crucial stage of selection process:

Subject Knowledge:

Subject knowledge is the first requirement for effective participation in a group discussion. The candidates need to a have a strong knowledge base on a wide range of subjects like national/international affairs, burning social, political and economic issues, scientific and environment debates and latest controversies.

Though group discussion is not primarily designed to test the candidate’s knowledge about current affairs but it is expected that candidates should have a perspective of an educated man.

Depth of knowledge greatly increases the chances as people with a wide range of knowledge are always sought after in dynamic companies.

Oral Communication Skills:

Second pre-requisite for success in group discussion is the ability to speak confidently and convincingly. High quality oral communication is a vital part of any successful group discussion as discussion primarily takes place though speech.

The evaluators closely observe the oral competence of a candidate in the following areas:

Listening Skills:

It is one of the most important communications skills required for success at group discussion. Any participant can make a significant contribution to group deliberations only if he/she is an active listener. Not only this, active participation as a listener in a group discussion makes a person a successful leader because a good leader is a good listener.

Appropriateness of Language:

The ability to express appropriate words and expressions is a good indicator of the candidate’s grasp of language. Appropriateness of language means that there should be no errors of grammar or usage.

Clarity of Expression:

Clarity is the art of making your meaning clear to your audience. The secret of clear expression is clear thinking. Sloppy, illogical, or incomplete thinking may cause lack of clarity during a GD.

Clear Articulation:

The quality of a person’s voice and articulation plays an important role during a GD. A participant can easily impress others with cheerful voice with good and clear articulation.

Non-verbal Clues:

Non-verbal clues such as eye contact, body movements, gestures, facial expressions and so on speak louder than words. The employers carefully evaluate the candidate’s body language to evaluate his/her personality traits like nervousness, co-operation, frustration, weakness, insecurity, self-confidence, defensiveness and so on. A person’s body language must reflect self-confidence, cooperation, positive attitude, openness of mind and sincerity.