What is communication?

Communication is a two way process of flow of information between the sender and the receiver through a set of common codes.

What is communication?

What is communication?

Human communication is the process through which individuals in relationships, groups, organisations and societies create, transmit and use information to organise with the environment and one another.

Communication is a two way process of flow of information between the sender and the receiver through a set of common codes so as to achieve unification of ideas or thoughts between them in any chosen situation.

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Communication is essentially a very basic and simple process.

The word communication comes from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means common. When we communicate, we are trying to establish commonness with someone. It always requires at least three elements the source the message and the destination. Some definitions of communication are:

Symbols verbal speech

Communication is the verbal interchange of thought or idea. (Hoben)


Communication is the process by which we understand others and in turn endeavour to be understood by them. It is dynamic constantly changing and shifting in response to the total situation. (Anderson)


Communication: the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc. by the use of symbols: words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc. It is the act or process of transmission that is usually called communication. (Berelson and Steiner)

Transfer transmission interchange

We use the word communication sometimes to refer to what is so transferred, sometimes to the means, by which it is transferred, sometimes to the whole process. In many cases what is transferred in this way continues to be shared; if I convey information to another person it does not leave my own possession through coming into his. Accordingly the word communication acquired also the sense of participation; it is in this sense, for example, that religious worshippers are said to communicate. (Ayer)

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The way we think about communication can make an important difference in the way we understand what is going on around us and in the way we consider our lives. Communication training helps you to think comprehensively and usefully about human communication and its relationship to effective human behaviour.

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